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» Battle Reports » erikmcfar America Vs. killaton2 France

Author:erikmcfar (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
erikmcfar +26 beat killaton2 -26

Map:Paris Revisited
Game Length:23 minutes

Top right (me) vs. bottom left (him).

Started out quickly securing both derricks on my half of the map with dogs, then eng. and pillboxes. Miner immediately started harvesting gems near my starting area. Started scouting, noticed he wasn't building tanks so I took it easy focusing on rockies, tanks, and economy. He had secured the other two derricks. With paradrops I started garrisoning strategic buildings througout the map which essitially gave me control of the top and left sides of the map. He built a GC near his bottom derrick and destroyed a couple of the buildings I'd garrisoned. Then I sent my rockie force to his top derrick and killed it, along with the pillbox and refin, which he sold. Stated pumping out refins, mirages, and rockies. He made a dash for my souther derrick with his army, however, mine was more teched and larger, which made short work of it, he was forced to withdraw, but not before a few of his ifvs were killed by a garrisoned building he drove past. I then started to kill his economy by killing three miners in a ore field at the very bottom middle of the map, kinda near my bottom derrick.

He built gap gen and later attacked my force of grizzlies and gis that had occupied the aforementioned ore field. Using the gis as fodder I pulled my tanks and awaited mirage and prism reinforcements, after out micromgning him I took out his large ifv force and sent rockies in to wipe his force out, with only a few losses on my behalf. Afterwards he promptly retired. Fairly easy win.

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