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» Battle Reports » erikmcfar America Vs. hieph0i Iraq

Author:erikmcfar (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
hieph0i +34 beat erikmcfar -34

Map:Lake Blitzen
Game Length:30 minutes

Yuk, I'm bottom left vs. top right...I'm in trouble.

Early paradrops harass him and take out a pp. But he has advantage of tanks, as being but directly next to gems. I take two derricks on island and airport, build battle lab next to airport. He builds off of repair station, starts massing tanks and uses v3 to harass my lines. At this time I'm building naval, my lines crack and he heads to my base, I sell everything on main base leaving me with naval yard, two derricks and airport, he goes naval too, but I have dolphins, though he takes out my first two carriers, I take out his subs and squids and naval yards, and start bombing his base. He builds kirov, however, I only have two rockies left and can't build aegis cruiser, he takes out my naval yard and derricks, before it is shot down. Make a mad dash to destroy bridge and take out his base, but he has built many subs on the other side and wins easily, I sell my last building and he wins.

Made a few mistakes, but placement disadvantage really hurt.

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