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» Battle Reports » erikmcfar America Vs. thawiener Korea

Author:erikmcfar (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
erikmcfar +32 beat thawiener -32

Map:Cold War
Game Length:32 minutes

First match in 11 days, went pretty well.

Started out on left hand side, which gave me immediate access to airport and two derricks, quickly capture them and started to build, once both paradrops were ready attacked his base, though he had several tanks and squished them, subsequent attacks failed due to his rockie support, started to build up, secured both islands that had a single derrick on them, built three aegis cruisers. He now has significant tanks and rockies. Start teching up and pumping out rockies and mirages, he does the same, he also builds a weather control device. I make a move to attack his derricks on the bottom of the map. His grizzlies and mirages beat my tank force and I am forced to withdraw.

During this time I prep myself for lignting storms, building two or three of every building in a different location, after a lightnign storm, he tries to snear four black eagles around the edge of the map to take out my battle lab, however, I saw it and was able to position an aegis directly in the way, which destroyed all of them and my bl only suffered one hit. With control of resources and outnumbering him 3 derricks to none, my economy was crushing and was able to sustain lightning strikes, then he adds a cronosphere, which he firsts use to kill my two carriers that had destroyed all his derricks. Also during this time he messes up and leaves a group of rockies almost directly on top of my aegis, basically many of his rockies die and my aegis is now elite Grin

Now he moves all his remaining units to his base, I use a chronoshpere attack to kill 5 mirages and 1 miner. I sent all of my units directly outside of his base, he counters with his, in a big battle I come out on top, but his rockies move in and wipe out my force, however, I sent my rockie force in (which was greater than his), after his last rockie is gone, he starts to sell and I move in to mop up.

Not a bad effort I say.

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