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» Battle Reports » jackocncs Iraq Vs. bazerkerr Iraq

Author:jacko3334 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
bazerkerr +35 beat jackocncs -35

Map:Golden State Freeway
Game Length:20 minutes

Although I lost, I've got to say this is probably one of the more enjoyable Iraq vs Iraq games I've ever played.

I start at the top, which means I'll be delayed a few seconds in placing my ore ref and also that I'll be in trouble if there's a long game due to the poor placement of ore at my main base.

Basically, after 2 or so minutes, we've built off opposite derricks and so our tank forces are basically facing off over a small bit of land with a couple of buildings in between. What begins is a series of tank manoeuvres, and I keep moving my tanks from left to right in the hope that he'll react to slow and i'll be able to pick off some buildings. Sadly he's not to be deceived and is very aware of what's going on. This goes on for about 10 minutes, each of us picking off tanks here and there when the opportunity arises. I then realise that he has moved his cy to the top left corner to take advantage of the ore there, so I make a risky move and break off about 6 tanks to kill it, hoping that my desos will protect my now outnumbered tanks. It works, as he doesn't see it coming, and I destroy his mcv,ref, and several miners. However, the force he sent to deal with it is much larger than my own split, so I need to decide whether to break more tanks off to counter it, or join my own groups up and push into his base. I go for the latter, and I quickly move forward to get into a decent formation before his tanks arrive. When they do, I move mine back, letting my desos deploy basically right in the middle of his tanks, killing all his fodder and damaging his tanks.

Things would be looking good right now, but he's now outnumbered me quite a lot because of the bottom starting position's economic advantage. I realise I can't face him directly, so I go after buildings and split my tanks into several groups. He's fast enough to react to all of them though, so I can't do much damage. He just wears me down from there as my pitiful ore supply has dried up and I can't make many more tanks. I still think I did rather well however, as he only had about 7 tanks remaining in a game where we each made huge amounts.

The stats say I killed 100 units and made only 94, which means my tank control was probably better than his for the most part, but he made 30 more units than me mostly due to his better money flow. Still, very fun game.

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