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» Battle Reports » jackocncs Iraq Vs. Afr1mo Iraq

Author:jacko3334 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
jackocncs +48 beat Afr1mo -48

Map:Alaskan Oil Spill
Game Length:33 minutes

Whenever I see this map I just sigh, knowing I'll either lose in 4 mins to a quick dread or spend 30 mins running around avoiding squids.

Anyway, I start by loading up a transport with a few dogs and engies and going around getting derricks to allow me to tech quicker to counter his dreadnought. Once I've taken one derrick, I see his own transport coming to claim it. I'm able to put a sentry gun there just in time, and kill two of this three engies, effectively preventing him from getting any more derricks for some time. He teched quicker than I did because I paused for awhile to get another ref, and so he puts a naval right next to my base from the derrick and out pops a dreadnought. At this stage I don't have squids yet, and they're about 30 secs off, so I just use my flak boats to prevent his missiles from doing any damage.

At the same time I heard the kirov warning thing, and his squids were tearing apart my flak boats. Despite this, I'd know taken most of the derricks and had moved my mcv to the other main island, hoping that he wouldn't be able to see it and squid it. His kirov runs around killing my derricks while his elusive squids keep taking out all my flak. Anyway by this stage he's pretty much confined to his base, but I'm running out of money since I have to keep making flak boats only to see them destroyed and his squids run away from mine.

I won't bore you with much of the rest of the game, except to say that a sov vs sov squid and naval battle isn't much fun. Eventually I get a couple of transport onto his land through the gauntlet of squids and level his base. I then realise he's got a kirov unaccounted for, which I suddenly see destroying my nuclear power plant after it had emerged from the shrout at the back of my base. All he has now is one sentry gun on a derrick island, but I don't have any money at all. My miners were trapped on an island, and I didn't have any transports left. I would have eventually won by selling buildings and painstakingly dodging squids with my tansports, but it would have taken days, lukcily he quit instead, leaving me with a good influx of points.

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