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» Battle Reports » robofcncs Iraq Vs. QMKr1M America

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
robofcncs +23 beat QMKr1M -23

Map:DC Uprising
Game Length:24 minutes

This was a fun game, and I was pretty pleased with my performance. Things had started badly when I saw I had the dreaded bottom right - meaning krim would have the lovely benefit of two paradrops.

I scouted out pretty much all the map, save for the island to the left. I got a good look at krims base, and he at mine. I also decided to take no chances and garrison all the buildings with conscripts - I did not want paratroopers blocking my expansion like they had the last time I played on this map.

I went for two miners straight from my war factory, whilst Krim must have gone for something similar. He certainly put his AFC up quickly, because paradrops were taking place frequently. I managed to fend them all off with little consequence - I left plenty of dogs ready as well as a few tanks.

By now I had plenty of miners and had almost exhausted all the ore in my immediate vicinity - I moved my MCV north a few blocks, plopping down another refinery by the gem/ore patch in the middle of the city. From here, I built a radar and another barracks - now garrisoning buildings to the east and capturing the service depot.

Tanks were coming constantly now, but I noticed Krim building a rocketeer and then flying it straight to the edge of the map. It could be only one thing - a sneaky rocketeer attack. I built a few flak tracks, ready in anticipation. He tried combining the attack with a paradrop. A good idea, but I did see it coming. Dogs and the said flaks handled it with ease.

I had a second war factory up by now, stetching right onto the main field where the column is. I also had a refinery off the depot for the ore to the east. A flak cannon placed at the moment of a rocketeer attacking was protecting my original base.

Krim chose to send his tanks out of his base at this point, obviously not wanting me to start mining this area. I tried attacking with a desolator, causing brief damage to some of his tanks. He then tried pushing forwards with GIs and a paradrop. A good idea, but I simply had too many tanks and dogs.

A large tank battle ensued, whereby I came out with around 6 or 7 tanks remaining. I moved north, hitting the airport and a few more tanks. I started splitting some new tanks now, as well as building a lot of flaks - there were quite a few rocketeers knocking about.

I interecepted krim's MCV en route to the left island with my tank split, quickly killing it. Meanwhile, my 7 or so tanks were making short work of his base. With plenty of flaks fending off his rocketeers, krim decided to call it a day. GG - fun.

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