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» Battle Reports » f1reburn Korea Vs. wickedskl Korea

Author:Paul (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
f1reburn +46 beat wickedskl -46

Map:Paris Revisited
Game Length:18 minutes

I must be becoming decent on this map as I matched this guy again and eventually overcame him (no mean feat - he's currently rank 59).

I started top middle and he was far left. I wasn't great in my BO (trying to place buildings where I couldn't once or twice) before getting in on the limited gems and expanding my economy southwards and, crucially, getting both right hand side derricks and retaining them despite rocketeer harassment.

I scouted my opponent well and realised I was slightly ahead in tank numbers. I chose to consolidate this advantage rather than attack straight away and built 4 Eagles to harass him with - their highlight was destroying his AFC laden with Eagles.

He re-built his Eagles and began picking off my tanks forcing me into building legions of IFVs which I became adept at moving around the map as his Eagles circled - taking out several to good effect.

He then tried moving his economy southwards to the lower ore patches, suspecting I hadn't scouted there at a guess - he was wrong. I quickly sent my entire force downwards and destroyed his MCV, refinery and several miners. A critical error. The second major battle of the game took place there (the first was fairly close - the outcome of me winning slightly not enough to allow me to attack) and my mountains of IFVs backed up with 3/4 mirage sliced through his small-ish mirage army. At this time, I also placed a Chronosphere.

Within a couple of minutes I'd used the Chronosphere and deposited two of his remaining mirage into the sea and began approaching with my main force. He decided enough was enough and said 'gg'.

A very good player and a fair sport. Watch out.

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