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» Battle Reports » f1reburn Korea Vs. xcltobi Iraq

Author:Paul (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
xcltobi +45 beat f1reburn -45

Map:Snow Valley
Game Length:11 minutes

This was frustrating.

I was top middle (not a pos I'm used to - I always seem to get bottom right) and so I was a bit confused at the start. I failed to scout in the dog war and he saw me. I eventually revealed his base with a rocketeer and saw him to be behind in tank numbers. I prepared some Eagles for harassment and began picking off flak traks and working on tanks in pairs (2x2) when I could. I should have attacked at about 4/5 minutes and I could have won if I'd done it right, I think. I just didn't have the balls to and in the end he stretched to middle and my more limited economy couldn't fund a second war fac as quick and I didn't get enough Mirage.

In the end it wasn't close, but I still regret not taking what was an early half chance. Disappointed to lose to a player I was quite considerably faster and better than.

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