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» Battle Reports » f1reburn Korea Vs. sptiger America

Author:Paul (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
f1reburn +19 beat sptiger -19

Map:Paris Revisited
Game Length:4 minutes

I started middle bottom and he started in the top position. I scouted him with ease and took both nearby derricks - the payoff this position has compared to the close by gems of the top start.

He made a force of about half a dozen grizzlies and 2 IFVs and immediately went after my economy which was stretching left. My force consisted of about 7 grizzlies, a couple of IFVs, GIs and a rocketeer or two and so destroyed his force with 3/4 grizzlies remaining. I noticed that he'd left nothing in his base and an engineer IFV I'd prepared promptly took a barracks in his base (which I defended with pills and subsequently destroyed power with) whilst I marched my tank force to his base. I took out almost everything except for a power plant and a late-placed Grand Cannon.

He promptly quit. Over in barely 4 and a half minutes.

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