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» Battle Reports » robofcncs Iraq Vs. a7a7a7sd6 America

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
a7a7a7sd6 +19 beat robofcncs -19

Map:DC Uprising
Game Length:13 minutes

A disappointing defeat against an adversary who far from outplayed me.

Things started off badly when I saw that I had received the bottom right starting position - there was no chance of securing the airport. I scouted with two dogs and managed to uncover the majority of the map, including his base and, by now, airport.

I went for one miner out of the war factory, then straight tanks. This seemed to work quite well - I kept building my refineries off to the right of each other, gradually ending up right next to the second ore patch.

At this point, I was definitely out-tanking my opponent - I had fended off a paradrop which managed to secure one building on the outskirts of the highway by the river. I started garrisoning the majority of the buildings around to avoid any more repeats.

I chose to attack at this point - defeating his tanks by his airport. I then destroyed it, moving on to his base. At this point, things started going pear shaped. From being comfortably in front, I was on the back foot within moments.

I had moved my MCV further north to get near the next available ore/gem patch - this posed no threat as I had garrisoned around it. Unfortunately, the main building by the patch was garrisoned by my opponent's paradrop - so he was picking off my miners with little I could do about it while I attacked with my tanks.

Then, to make things even worse, I looked at my war factory - or at least where I thought it would be. It was gone. Rocketeers. I hadn't even heard a warning that I was being attacked - somewhat odd. They did for my barracks and tesla reactor before a few flak troopers fended them off somewhat.

By now my tanks were getting raped at his base - I hadn't being paying attention, too busy wondering what the hell had happened to my base. It was all over.

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