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» Battle Reports » robofcncs Iraq Vs. swifttank America

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
swifttank +17 beat robofcncs -17

Map:Cold War
Game Length:24 minutes

Surely my night couldn't get any worse? After 4 defeats, surely I would be matched against some newbie. Surely. It turned out not to be the case, being matched against a very useful allied opponent.

The start went pretty even - we both scouted each other out and I had the benefit of the top left against his top right. I secured the immediate derricks, airport and derrick in the bottom left. He secured all the others.

I went for 1 miner and then straight tanks - he began hassling with rocketeers and harriers. After my second war factory was up I moved the MCV to the top middle in the hopes of building a refinery to harvest the gems.

However, he hit me with a well placed paradrop by a war fac, and a tank split to the south which accounted for one of my miners and the lower derrick. I eventually got the refinery up, starting to harvest gems with the protection of a flak cannon and all my tanks - plus a conscript mass from the paradrop.

He kept hassling with paradrops and rocketeers, so I thought I would go naval in order to build a few sea scorpions. This beat off his air units for a short while, until he decided to go naval with the help of dolphins - I didn't even bother trying to put up a fight, I didn't have enough cash.

He kept attacking with his tanks, but I managed to hold them off time and time again. I made a few unsuccessful paradrops around his base. He was rapidly starting to outtank me, obviously having multiple war factories.

It was all but over by now - his aircraft carrier was ripping into various structures, while my few flak traks vainly tried to fend it off. I sent an engineer flak right up the top of the map (more for amusement factor than anything), managing to enter his base and capture his AFC (plus 4 loaded harriers) with it. I hit his MCV with the said harriers, building a barracks adjacent to his MCV - in the hope of pumping out yet another engineer.

A few mirages and his rocketeer army soon put paid to that little victory.

In conclusion, I was quite thoroughly outplayed.

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