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» Battle Reports » QMKr1M America Vs. Alpha4Try Iraq

Author:Krim (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
QMKr1M beat Alpha4Try

Game Length:Unknown

Blackmark Blackmark Present
This is the best game I ever played. It was not a good game, but I was very impressed with my performance.

The map was Heartland, and I was BR to his TL. I get my derrick and scout his base. I make one tank before my miner for the heck of it, and i see a drone coming, so i move my tank away. Then I see the engi about an inch from my base. He takes it just as my miner gets out, and the drones in it. I finish off the drone while I build another War Fac. Now he has an attack force of 3 rhinos coming vs my 1 grizzly. I am able to fend off his attck with that one grizz and well-placed sentry guns. My fac is ready and I begin pumping tanks. I build an afc and my economy is droopy, but my tanks aer still coming. He obviously has a tank advantage over me, so I think Im raped by this engi noob. He comes for the attack. I know I wont beat it so I do something drastic.

This is what makes the game the best I ever played.

I move my base to the bottem right corner and let his tanks finish my base while i sneak mine right up to his. He kill my Oil Derrick like a retard while I kill his fac, base, power... HE realizes his mistake and sends his tanks(only killing my afc, derrick, and power; not my fac, which is big mistake), which outnumber mine even more now from raiding his base, come after me. But, thankfully, he has no TC and this tanks come in a big line. I kill all his tanks and have 4 left, but now he is pumping teslas. The noob is obsessivly desperate. I know i wont be able to kill them so I get my base on top of the cliff and make another barracks and afc. I keep pumping grizz too for a distraction. His teslas/connies kill all my tanks, fac, and refs. THen he comes for the cliff and i move my base back to botem right corner. He kills my afc and rax. My rockiteers kill his last structure and he calls me a "cheater" even tho it was evident he map hacked.^^ thought i was gonna get screwed over, but nope, i won! To think i was about to quit after my fac got droned.

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