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» Battle Reports » QMKr1M America Vs. aWiNr Iraq

Author:Krim (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
QMKr1M beat aWiNr

Map:DC Uprising
Game Length:Unknown

Now I definately thought I was going to lose because I presumed I was lucky this game. But, he was BR so that got my hopes up a little. I scouted him good and took the airport. I do a regular bo but make afc after 1st ref again. I havent had a lot of experience on this map so i dont see gems above my base till midway through the game.
My double para attacks arent working this time but I see he fucked up in his BO and his economy is bad bcyz I outtank him bad with 1 fac to his 2. I discover the gems above me and then cash starts rolling. I pump paras and tanks and have another war fac almost done. When i deploy it his tanks are comin at me, but i outtank him and have 6 tanks left to kill his miners, and my rockies attack and my paras and i couldnt believe how badly i owned this guy! ^^ Im finally back in a respective top 250 rank. I proceed further to my goal of making top 100.

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