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» Battle Reports » robofcncs Iraq Vs. xfearxmee America

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
xfearxmee +44 beat robofcncs -44

Map:Lake Blitzen
Game Length:45 minutes

My third successive defeat of the night, leaving me in the bowels of the ladder at 306 - a far cry from the 120 that I had been only hours ago.

The game started off quite well for me, despite having bottom left to his top right. I built two refineries before moving my MCV to the bottom gem patch, having already managed to stop his scout attempts. I built a naval yard and a transport - having seen his nighthawk full with engineers departing from his base.

I decided to do something a bit different - I loaded it with 3 tanks and an engineer. I managed to take the airport with no resistance, then unloaded them by the derricks and set about destroying the island.

Unfortunately, I only managed to destroy pillboxes and a few GIs - a fortunately timed paradrop and destroyer were enough to see my tanks off. Thus commenced a naval battle - I managed to destroy his naval yard (placed off the aforementioned island) with my subs, then managed to kill the dolphins.

At the same time, money was rolling in, so I teched up - out popped a dreadnought. But, alas, he had just put up a gap generator. I sent my scorpion to uncover the shroud, then set about blowing it up with the dread.

Meanwhile, we were both making tanks en masse. I split some of mine and destroyed his derrick on the right hand side. I also managed to hold off another attempt by him to secure naval supremacy.

The gems and ore in my base were all but gone now - I sent a few units to the bottom right and my MCV. This is where he really started annoying me, with a coy little tactic that I haven't seen before.

Right by the ore patch in the bottom right is a small cliff face - there is just enough room on it to land units, but no way to access it. He sent a chrono legionnaire there - and managed to do for one of my miners before I could send my dreadnought across (I must admit, it took me a while to think of a way of combatting this move - my units couldn't shoot up there). I made a paradrop on the said cliff, in the hope of killing off any resistance - he chose to drop off Tanya in a nighthawk, which meant good night for my conscripts. This went on for some time - him hassling and continually moving his unit when I tried to kill it. It actually became elite in the end!

On reflection, I should have placed down a barracks and popped out a desolator before he had a chance to react - this would have prevent all those damn infantry units from causing problems. I had sent a V3, but it was just too slow and unwieldy.

Anyhow, by now I had harvested most of this patch - my opponent hadn't bothered to move his MCV to the ore in the top left, possibly because I had two dreadnoughts lurking on the coast. I should have attacked at this point - I was about to run out of money for the foreseeable future and must have had more units (plus a sizeable conscript army from my paradrops).

I waited a bit longer for some reason. He managed to mine quite a bit of it before I chose to attack. A massive battle ensued - I could hear my laptop struggling to cope with all the action going on, I tried my best to use micro - but it was a matter of hope really.

I managed to destroy most of his units, save for his main line of prism tanks, with about 7 tanks left. Sadly, those prisms proved just too much for my rhinos - despite the dreadnoughts behind offering them assistance. He eventually over-ran my base with a collection of mirage and prism tanks.

So, what should I have done differently? Combatted the chrono legionnaire more effectively, attacked earlier, used desolators in the main battle and perhaps gone for naval supremacy on his half of the lake (I was too worried about a group of dolphins waiting for me to try).

A poor performance, but some lessons learnt.

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