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» Battle Reports » robofcncs Iraq Vs. g0th1c4 Korea

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
g0th1c4 +36 beat robofcncs -36

Map:South Pacific
Game Length:24 minutes

Having played and lost to this fellow twice already this month, I wondered if it would be third time lucky. It so nearly was - you can't come any closer to victory than I did.

Starting in the bottom right, I fancied my chances on this map - I know the layout very well thanks to countless FFGs played on it. I built 2 engineers before my dogs, making sure I could capture the far derrick and airport before any dogs he may have built arrived. Once my dogs were out I began scouting.

I almost managed to kill an engineer by the bottom left derrick, but was thwarted at the last second as he entered the structure. Instead I took the dog around the side of the cliff, apparently bamboozling my opponent. Once the dog was at the top I was able to scout out the rest of the base comfortably.

I went for a drone and then straight tanks out my war factory - I quickly moved into the middle with the said drone, 2 tanks and my paradrop (which had arrived quickly thanks to my decision to go engineers before dogs). I was building more refineries whilst this was going on - eventually expanding them off the derrick in the top right and then moving my MCV into the middle and placing one there.

It was a good job I did - a well thought out rocketeer attack proved too much for my lone flak track. I lost the refinery and the derrick before finally fighting them off.

Meanwhile, I had been massing conscripts in the middle - earlier I had destroyed his bottom derrick with a tank split, so things were fairly even. I chose to go build another war factory and then go naval - plus radar, flak cannon (black eagles were menacing now) and finally battle lab. I managed to get out a dread and send it around the side.

While this was happening pandemonium ensued. We fought in the middle, my mass of conscripts proving too much for his grizzlies to take down my middle base with. He chose to send his units around the top, obviously then planning on taking a back route into my base. I chose to attack his base rather than give chase.

With a bunch of tesla troopers, a paradrop and a few remaining tanks I managed to fight off the units he had left in his base - then destory his war factory. Meanwhile, my dreadnought was now in range - with it I set about destorying the base.

While this was going on, he was doing the same to my base. I had a few more buildings, including a naval - I presumed there would be no problem. It appeared that he sold his MCV, but I quickly realised this not to be the case when I thought I had destroyed all his structures. I panicked - looking frantically across the map for a missed pillbox or a hidden MCV. I saw nothing.

I scouted the water with scorpions, wondering if he had sneaked it into a transport (although I had seen no naval yard). Alas, time was running out - his grizzlies were finishing off my naval yard.

So where the hell was the MCV? At least he had the good grace to tell me before I was defeated - hidden amongst a group of trees in the top right corner. I hadn't actually scouted the area, so could only just see the tip of the unit after he told me. I certainly wouldn't have seen it otherwise.

So, there it was, a game I should have won, but didn't.

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