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» Battle Reports » robofcncs Iraq Vs. xcln0va America

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
robofcncs +43 beat xcln0va -43

Map:Pinch Point
Game Length:16 minutes

I played this guy recently so knew I was in for a tough game.

I started on the right, which was a bonus. However, this had little to do with what proceeded. I went for straight tanks, whilst he went for an AFC straight after his war fac. I ended up attacking with 4 tanks and a flak behind to ward off his lone rocky. He put up a good fight, but I managed to kill all his tanks and practically all his miners (the last one only needed 1 more shot for a kill).

His paratroopers saved him at this point, finishing off my little attack force. I retreated my flak. Meanwhile, I had built a miner from war and a refinery. I was about to start churning in money. On the other end of the scale, my opponent was that broke that he was forced to sell off his MCV. With only 1 miner, I decided to be patient and just out-tank him.

I fended off a paradrop near my base with ease and built up a bunch of tanks and dogs (I never needed to go for two war facs). I moved most of these units into the middle, at which point he tried to come and stop me. I'd also moved my MCV to the top middle cliff, unfortunately right into a group of paratroopers (he must have guessed where my MCV was heading). I still managed to deploy it and built a few sentry guns plus a barracks.

Meanwhile, I sent all of my tanks straight past his when he went up the opposite cliff for protection. He only had a few buildings left so he knew he had to give chase. I took out his war fac, afc and another miner - then made a hasty retreat.

I probably could have won the tank battle then and there, but with all his GIs knocking about I didn't fancy it. I sent them back to the middle where I now had 4 TTs and several more tanks. With a radar up and a desolator on the way, he decided he'd had enough - and quit.

I enjoyed this one, and was pretty pleased with my performance - I put him on the back-foot all game.

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