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» Battle Reports » AlRwAvE America Vs. OPSROOM Iraq

Author:Chris (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
OPSROOM +39 beat AlRwAvE -39

Map:Depth Charge
Game Length:45 minutes

Blackmark Blackmark Present
Plain fucking gay. For real. I had expected this was going to be a freewin but it didn't. I took all derricks in the middle and hadn't seen him sneaking an amphib. into my base with engineers and dogs in it. He took most of my base and put a warfac up next to it. Luckily I had built a barracks in the middle and had some engineers waiting outside. I was astonished by the fact I succeeded to take his warfac and my old barracks with them. He put up a sentry, which I killed with tanks coming out the captured warfac. I took back the rest with engies but lost the mcv. I killed it with a Grizzly, that had now gotten elite status (3^). Meanwhile, my destroyers were picking off stuff at his base. This kept on going for a while 'til I loaded up some amphibs with tanks and smashed his base with 12 tanks. When I killed the last buiding on his little island I thought I had won, but I didn't. I went out scouting the entire map but didn't find anything belonging to him. He accused me of cheating and I accused him of the invisible MCV cheat. You can read what happened further in this topic:

When I had followed the instructions I had been given by ST staff I went watching the XGS replay. Then I found out what the case was: A Flak cannon hiding behing my barracks, which I had not seen. If I was in his position I would have just given up.
Incredibly bad sportsmanship --> blacklisted.

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