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» Battle Reports » matsmiff Iraq Vs. matinmiah America

Author:matsmiff (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
matinmiah +40 beat matsmiff -40

Map:pinch point
Game Length:3 minutes

Well I went into this one as the first of the night looking for a good sov map to start off with. What a result to get pinch point. Everything was going well, my bo was spotless and I scouted my opponents entire base.

Then I spotted an engineer, which on this map could only mean one thing. I didn't build dogs, but went for a sentry on ready and control grouped the 3 or so tanx I had made. No sooner had I done that than an engi ivf appeared. My tanx gave chase, which as I would see later was a big mistake.

He drove under and around my base leaving the tanx behind(such is the speed of the ivf) and drove in from behind to my mcv and deployed the engineer. I quickly placed the sentry and manually targeted the engineer. The engi had just one red bar left but it was too late, mcv gone and sold. I quickly gathered my tanx to attack as I had to act quickly but it was to no avail, by the time I reached his base I was met by pills, fodder and a few more tanx than I had. I quit, an engi rusher wont get a gg from me.

On reflection, I dont know where my head was at, I easily saw what was coming and all I had to do was move my mcv ftw before the engi reached it DUH!

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