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» Battle Reports » n0sens343 Korea Vs. komatsu38 America

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
n0sens343 +39 beat komatsu38 -39

Map:Cold War
Game Length:9 minutes

I started off top right, with him on the island near bottom left. I quickly claim all four of my oil derricks, while he is slow taking the top two, and doesn't take the one right near his base till nearly the end, though he does quickly take the airport.

I begin with my typical build order and build a couple refineries off of the bottom derricks. With money rolling in I'm able to build both rockies and tanks while teching up. He responds by quickly teching and making IFVs and mirages. However, for the moment I have him outmatched in tanks and send a split to take out his derricks on top, while using my rockies to take out his airport.

Now with distinct economical superiority, I begin building multiple war factories, and take a massive lead in tank numbers. I also go naval, making a few dolphins in case he does the same, but he never does. By now he sends the bulk of his force to take out my isolated derrick, but while the IFVs are busy shooting it, I take them out with rockies, and subsequently his mirages. I now begin pushing on his base, across the northeastern bridge to his island.

For a moment I thought he might be able to break it, but I push across too quickly, and end the game very quickly.

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