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» Battle Reports » tuasperdu Iraq Vs. veteranos America

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
tuasperdu +42 beat veteranos -42

Map:Snow Valley
Game Length:9 minutes

This guy really didn't like me, and I didn't like him, so I was glad I won this game.

Starting in the top left postition, I overcame his dogs and successfully scout his base, though he manages to do the same. Early on I move my MCV into the valley to begin harvesting the ore there. Very soon he attempts an engi IFV on my conyard, but I see this coming well in advance and eliminate the threat, amidst a couple taunts. Shortly thereafter, he attempts a paradrop next to my first refinery, but I simply take care of it with my miners.

We're about even on tanks when I put up my second war factory. He soon moves his MCV into the valley, guarded by his tank force, now beginning on mirages. Seeing this, I prepare a flak full of desolators. He sees it and sends a pair of mirages to deal with it. Probably not the right decision, as both mirages are taken out, with three desolator still alive. I begin marching them towards his tanks, while bringing my own tanks up.

His tanks run in fear of my desolators, but he eventually deals with them, though with significant damage to his tanks. I move my tanks in and eliminate his force and his base with relative ease. He begins slinging insults saying I was "predictable."

If I'm so predictable why didn't you react well to what was coming?

game_replay_6686237_tuasperdu_veteranos.xif (284kb, 317 downloads)

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