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» Battle Reports » prdezvous Iraq Vs. campcamp America

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
prdezvous +28 beat campcamp -28

Map:Montana DMZ
Game Length:8 minutes

I'm finally quickmatching after a lot of time spent playing ffgs. Anyways, I start in the bottom left, meaning my opponent gets the airport. Oh well. I do my typical stretching and quickly get multiple war factories. The only action for some time is me ridding the village north of my position of the paradrops he periodically throws there.

Eventually he techs up, though declines to build mirage tanks, probably a mistake on his part, considering my general incompetence with desolators, but that's hardly common knowledge thankfully. He now begins to mass rocketeers, but due to that, (and my four war factories) he falls way behind in tanks.

He begins trying to strike targets of opportunity with his rockies. By now I have numerous flak tracks and begin setting up flak cannons around my base. With my miners now working in the northern gem field, he sends all his tanks there, but in a disastrous turn of events he finds himself outtanked and completely surrounded, leading to the obliteration of his tanks.

Having lost nearly all my miners, I react to a double paradrop that has taken a war factory, and move on his base. Seeing my massive force coming, he quits.

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