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» Battle Reports » Lt.Myk America Vs. AcId_RaIn GLA

Type:Custom Match
Lt.Myk beat AcId_RaIn

Map:Money Remake
Game Length:24 minutes

Well this was a long and ( to be honest the most boring game ever )

1st i collected all the money crates spread throught my side of the map ( because theirs only one entrance to get in) alot of money to start with . I built my barracks and supply centre as fast as i could then got started on building my war factory but by this time AcId had already sent his first wave of Soldiers and rocket troops ( only a couple ) but i had my first lot of defences up posted on each side of the bridge ( Man i couldn't wait to get Colonel Burden on duty aye") by the time he sent his second wave i had two airfields up with 4 raptors roaring to go. So i put them on guard at the bridge whilst i was building up my Alpha Team of Crusaders. Due to the lack of his base defenses i took his whole army out with Colonel Burden.......

I would post some cool screenshots but i don't know how YET

Oh Yeah this is my 1st battle report. I'm not that great at writing english ( correct grammar i mean) but i hope i can be able to post some more.

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