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» Battle Reports » Psi-B0rg GLA Vs. LoserBugman China

Author:RJ815 (View More)
Game:Zero Hour
Type:Custom Match
Psi-B0rg beat LoserBugman

Map:The Frontline (2 Player)
Game Length:Unknown

Me = GLA Toxin General (Still trying for that Global Domination trophy)
Him = CHN (or PRC) Tank General

Whew, this was one of my best and closet matches by far. And it really shows how the smallest units can turn the tide.

In the beginning we were building along our tech trees and capturing the nearby resources. He encroached upon mine and I beat him back temporarily. Unbeknownst to me, he already was pumping out Emperor Tanks. At the same time, I was making a Jarmen Kell for some stealth work, but he turned out FAR more useful than I ever could have imagined. After beating back (and even taking) a few of his Emperor tanks, I attempted to attack the Nuclear Missile Silo that was close to launch.

My Jarmen Kell was wiping out a few Construction Dozers and Supply Trucks to hinder his building while the small attack force was arriving. The stolen Emperor almost rid of the Silo and the other cleared Emperor was remanned. Somewhere during this mess the Nuclear Missile was launched, but did very "little" damage that one Worker could fix. A smaller attack force of two groups of Angry Mobs was heading down there and coincidentally helped finish off that already battered Emperor Tank. The highly veteran (at a Heroic level I think, three chevrons) Mobs quickly eradicated anything in their path as I sent my newly acquired Toxin Rebel Strike [level two] just outside the base for support. The Mobs easily overwhelmed any and all attackers and my friend surrendered knowing his fate was sealed.

So this match was swayed from me being defensive to offensive by just a Jarmen Kell and two groups of Angry Mobs that coincidentally supported each other to defeat my friend.
LoserBugmanDefeat4.rep (52kb, 221 downloads)

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