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» Battle Reports » Psi-B0rg America Vs. LoserBugman China

Author:RJ815 (View More)
Game:Zero Hour
Type:Custom Match
Psi-B0rg beat LoserBugman

Map:Bear Town Beatdown (4 Player)
Game Length:Unknown

Me: USA Laser General
Him: CHN (or PRC) Nuke General
Easy AI: GLA
Easy AI: China

A match that shows you many good tactics in a battle. My first task was to expand out, which I did by capturing the two nearby Derricks. As for what happened to the Constriction Dozer I sent to the secondary Supply Pile, I have no idea what happened.

Next order of business was some minor defense (which was right at a good time) and a bit of offense. (Yes, you WILL notice me using that so-called "cheap-but-smart" tactic from my first report, BUT, I wanted to see if my friend could gain experience by stopping it, AND, I needed a win for the Global Domination Award anyways. Also, My force was very small, only five Laser Tanks, two Avengers, and one Ambulance, which if handled properly is no threat.)

By some random coincidence, we decided to attack the same enemy first at the same time. After the temporary coordination, I didn't hesitate to backstab him (hey, it was a free-for-all match) and destroy the helpful Nuclear Cannon.

After the GLA base was destroyed, I noticed I was behind in the technology race with him, he had three Nuclear Missile Silos up before I had one Particle Cannon. I made constant attacks against his power plants as I feared he would blast me with his nukes (and was constantly hindered by a rather annoyingly placed Gattling Cannon). A frenzy of construction happened on my side trying to catch up.

Well, the time for the nuke came, and it also was another strange coincidence how it hit a structure I was attacking. IF he would have launched the Missile at me, he probably could have won the match, I packed my base so tightly that round that one Missile could've wrecked it all.

I think shortly after the strike, I repaved the favor by unleashing two Particle Cannon Beams, wrecking many buildings and cutting the power severely. The China base seemed unresponsive, so I moved in to finish my friend off. He saw the futility of his defenses (no Nuke Cannons to defend) and surrendered. I destroyed the partially rebuilt China base and then it was over.

Do note that I am providing as many tips and strategies as I can to make him better. He is getting better, but he is constantly leaving his base relatively unguarded, making it quick work for a powerful attack or a Superunit.
FreeForAll1.rep (49kb, 188 downloads)

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