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» Battle Reports » Psi-B0rg GLA Vs. DerZornGottes America

Author:RJ815 (View More)
Game:Zero Hour
Type:Custom Match
DerZornGottes beat Psi-B0rg

Map:Winding River (2)
Game Length:Unknown

My first match of Online play in Generals - Zero:Hour.
I was the GLA Demolitions General and he was the USA Laser General.

The beginning all started fairly normally, I built along my tech tree and built defenses along each of the bridges to "protect" myself. I even expanded to the other supply area on the north side of the river (my side). I managed to finish my tech tree first and began construction on four SCUD Storms. I also used a Jarmen Kell to scout out his base, but he put those damnable Drone Scouts (Generals Power) everywhere. Soon after the scouting fiasco, his practically invulnerable rush decimated my western defenses.

His rush consisted of:
* Many Laser Tanks with Battle Drones attached.
* A few Avengers to eliminate air attacks and to hinder any infantry that stood in his way.

Now, if you know from past Generals experience, the only thing that can really rid of Laser Tanks is Rocket Soldiers. Well, no matter how many rocketeers I threw at him, his group of Avengers and tanks either zapped them to death or squished them beneath their treads. The Tug-O-War towards my base continued until I was distracted by a Colonel Burton making his way towards my SCUD Storms. I launched my ready storm at his Particle Cannons, which were intended to just disrupt the cannons, but also cut his power. His rush was now a sitting duck, I thought for sure I could retaliate. Well, those Battle Drones were still active, and the Avengers didn't help the situation. After I stopped bothering with the futile (but so opportunistic) efforts, I turned my attention on Burton, who I easily killed off with a remaining "Suicycle" (they are great for getting rid of the tanks, but you have to attack via a jump or from behind).

My opponent regained power by doing who-knows-what and continued to destroy my ever-weakening defense. After he finally broke through (with me having no back-up), I decided just to surrender. My defeat was almost sealed if my opponent was at my doorstep with no defenses to block or hinder his rush.

Perhaps I need more experience, or perhaps I was defeated by a smart and unstoppable rush. Hats off to you Gottes, may we never meet again in combat.

Every loss teaches you something. What did this one teach me? It taught me to never play against another Laser General ever again. I'm not bitter, I just thought it was a cheap (although smart) tactic to make a basically unstoppable team (especially since he retreated so that he could attack and move and I couldn't). My match was called: "Battle for Supremacy", so, he was indeed supreme, in a resentful sort of way.

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