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» Battle Reports » j0Lt America Vs. blackasas America

Author:Krim (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
blackasas beat j0Lt

Map:Montana DMZ
Game Length:19 minutes

This is the best game I ever played and lost to a dumb misclick.

I was BL and he was TR so he got the derrick. I scout the whole map but he antiscouted his base with the garrisoned buildings and dogs so I couldn't see what he was doing.

I messed up in the beginning of the game, placing my ref by the ore patch(tired) so I made miner go all the way to the gems which led to a temporary cash deficit. I got my economy rumbling and I saw him coming for the attack, but I outtanked him by 1 or 2 so I just moved them and he fled.

He then sent more for an assault and my well-placed pill owned his attack and I outtanked him by like 5 tanks, but I could still not do anything because I couldn't see his base and I saw some sentrys by his airport.

So, I started making rocketeers(and never stopped making them till the game was over) and I scouted his base. My paras werent working but I think I killed a few things with my rockies(cant remember) :P

So, the game dragged on and I got a BLAB and like 5-6 mirages b4 his rockeis killed it with a para diversion. It was becoming more of a Rocky war now, but then he killed my fac with a para drop so i was like grr.. Before that he had his rockies (which were about half of what i had) and 5 ifvs killed my ref by the mid oer that I moved my base to.

So, I needed the ref and a war, but i decided to go with the ref then war whilst making lots of rockies.

From here, I dont know what happened because it was all so fast. I was kinda tense and I moved all my attack force and my MCV down to the southern bridge to his base. I owned it, but while I did he killed all my structures on my left side with his IFVS. So all I had was my mcv, but it was well guarded.

I knew I had it won if he didnt kill my MCV, so my rockies (which I had a TON of to his 0) began attacking around the patriots and i killed his AF. Then out remaining tanks clashed and I owned him, but then i saw he split 3 from behind to kill my MCV, and I misclicked it made it go up into the heaveily garrisoned building and I lost.


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