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» Battle Reports » prdezvous Nod Vs. GDI GDI

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Mode:C&C Mode
prdezvous beat GDI

Game Length:Unknown

It's been a loooong time since I did one of these. I haven't been playing a whole lot of Renegade, so I decided to get back into it.

I've probably described this map in a previous battle report, but I'll do it again since that was a long time ago, for those of you who don't play the game a lot. Each base has a standard array of structures, minus the base defenses. The bases are at opposite ends of a rectangular map layout, with a kind of plateau in between, which you can climb to the top of in this particular map, which has flying vehicles enabled.

I immediately got an engineer and headed towards the enemy tiberium field, situated just outside their base. The idea of getting some quick points throwing c4 on the harvester quickly became a fantasy, as I ran into a GDI soldier and engineer. With help from a teammate, they were dispatched, but I ran back to base with 4 health remaining. I refilled in the Hand of Nod just as an opposing engineer was throwing c4 on the MCT. He was quickly killed and the damage repaired as the first harvest came in.

Knowing the role orca attack helicopters played on this map, I got a sniper, whose weapon is actually quite useful against helicopters. Throughout the course of the game I filled my purpose of supressing helicopters, but I was helpless to stop incoming APCs, and thus was not able to prevent our power plant from blowing up.

By now I was the high class sniper, and could take out orcas in five hits, which was helpful as GDIs inductive reasoning seemed to be a bit off today and they just kept sending them. Eventually, the got it, and started sending medium tanks and beaconed the refinery. This was a dark time for Nod, with no regular income and doubled cost, we were all but screwed, until GDIs barracks was blown up, giving me hope as I could now take anyone out in one hit, unless they were in a tank.

Our team managed to snag a couple vehicles, as the remaining GDI structures fell one-by-one, I think by nukes, as I never really saw much of the assault, but still took an impressive third on our team.

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