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» Battle Reports » n0sens343 America Vs. amerkaba Iraq

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
n0sens343 +45 beat amerkaba -45

Map:Snow Valley
Game Length:22 minutes

Sometimes, this map is annoying for me, because I've never learned to stretch into the valleies properly. That wouldn't become too important in this game, I just thought I'd state the point.

Anyway, I start in the top left, succeeding in scouting out my opponents base. I build my AFC after my second refinery, and also make a couple miners. By now my opponent had moved his MCV to the middle valley, and was making plenty of tanks. I build a rocketeer and attack his valley refinery, halting his tank production for a flak, allowing me to make some ground up while retreating my rocketeer.

I soon move my MCV and set up shop in the valley, and build another war factory, maintaining numerical pariety as far as tanks go. He makes an aggresive move on the middle plateau, but my tanks are supported by fodder in the form of two paradrops, giving me temporary safety.

With all eyes on the middle, I landed a paradrop next to his main war factory, taking it out before his miners dealt with it. With the initiative, I teched up and began pumping mirage tanks, from now three war factories. A skirmish ensues in the middle, with me coming out on top barely. With my force now heavily mirage based, and him with desolaters a plenty, I qued a couple tanya IFVs and harriers, while moving my MCV to the top right position to get that ore.

He now began pushing foward with desolaters, although I manage to hold him back. He sends his tanks to attack my expansion, but I head him off. He pushes foward too far and I come out way ahead after the ensueing battle, with my force of mirages and prisms. I also dump a paradrop next to his middle expansion war factory, and take it out before getting stopped by desolaters.

Now with a clear advantage in tank numbers I push foward and take out his middle flak cannons with the prism tanks, and removing his desolaters before they can do much damage. From here I take out his middle barracks and radar, cutting off his ability to build desolaters, his only possible resistance. He resigns shortly after.

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