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» Battle Reports » prdezvous Iraq Vs. ckeadle28 America

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
prdezvous +40 beat ckeadle28 -40

Map:May Day
Game Length:6 minutes

I started up top and quickly secured all of my derricks, and quickly set about massing tanks, with a couple flak tracks just to be safe. I scouted the greater part of my opponent's base, and found him slower to get his derricks, but securing them all nonetheless.

I placed a flak cannon near my northern most derricks, having witnessed various allied strategies on this map which involve using air units on those derricks.

With two war factories I had many more tanks, and repaired the bridge allowing me a quick attack on his derricks, destroying them all. I pushed foward foward, but one of my flak tracks was destroyed by a garrison allowing him to destroy the other one with rocketeers and push my tanks back.

I quickly come up with more flaks and push foward, easily killing his tanks, and taking care of his base.

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