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» Battle Reports » jackosdad Iraq Vs. f1reburn2 Korea

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Custom Match
jackosdad beat f1reburn2

Game Length:10 minutes

I'm not a big fan of this map, as Pat will no doubt testify. However, after beating Paul quite convincingly in the last six games, I was confident.

I began in the bottom right, quickly stretching to the ore to the left and capturing my derrick. I scouted out Paul's base fairly well, whilst he did likewise. Again, I went for an early drone, killing a few dogs. I also went for one miner, then straight tanks - as well as a few dogs for fodder. I built quite a few extra refineries before finally popping for my second war factory.

At this point, with a few rocketeers starting to hassle me, I pushed at Paul. I stormed across the bridge and went straight at his tanks. Paul quickly retreated, knowing he would need the help of sentry guns and additional fodder to hold me off. I chose to destroy his war factory, despite knowing it would result in losing the tank battle. I had two factories, so I figured this would put me at a distinct advantage. I then tried to remove my remaining tanks around the edge, although only one made it to my base unscathed.

Nevertheless, my economy was booming - I quickly poured out more tanks as well as a few tesla troopers, just in case. Air attacks were a threat now, so I built several flak cannons and plenty of power plants. A brief attack by Paul forced me to sell a refinery and barracks, but a few flak traks quickly quashed the threat.

I captured the service depot at this point, placing another flak cannon by it to further protect myself. With a good number of tanks, I noticed his miners mining nearby. I attacked them, killing two of them before he retreated. I chose to push across the bridge after his tanks, but then retreated when a number of rocketeers joined in the fun.

I sat back for a bit at this point, builing 7 or 8 flak traks and more tanks for my final push. A quick battle lab and my iron curtain was under production. Fancying my chances at this very moment, I pushed across the bridge - having plenty of time to spare before Paul's tanks (which were positioned back in his base) arrived. With far more tanks and the addition of flaks as fodder, I destroyed his tank mass.

At this point, Paul decided to say that he was 'on the phone'. How handy. Nevertheless, I had a far superior economy and army - so the result was never really in doubt. I said 'gg' and Paul promptly quit without returning the gesture.

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