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» Battle Reports » jackosdad Iraq Vs. f1reburn2 Korea

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Custom Match
jackosdad beat f1reburn2

Map:The Alamo
Game Length:10 minutes

Sadly, we forgot to classify this game as a tournament one, so it wasn't recorded. However, the result was never really in doubt.

Starting at the bottom, I quickly did a double barracks stretch and sent a number of dogs to the derrick - making it my priority. While sending my engineer to the derrick, I lost attention of what was happening in the middle - losing a dog and conscript. However, my miner had arrived at the gems, quickly killing Paul's dog. My own dog then came in through the side, killing around 4 GIs en route to the Alamo. Meanwhile, I scouted out the rest of the map, garrisoning a few buildings here and there with spare conscripts.

I went for a drone and then straight tanks, while continuing to stretch right into the middle. After garrisoning buildings by the bottom derrick, Paul's future source of ore was cut off. He made brief attempts to attack the building with his tank force, but I kept threatening to retaliate.

I had a horrendous amount of money, so just built desolators, flak cannons and an iron curtain. Paul had managed to snag the airport earlier, so I had to keep an eye out for drops, one resulting in me having to sell a war factory. Given that I aleady had three of them, it wasn't an issue.

I started mining in the ore by my base, then noticed that Paul was about to launch his attack after running out of ore. There was never really going to be a contest - I had much more tanks, fodder and sentry guns to help. Three in a row.

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