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» Battle Reports » saber America Vs. drogba9 Iraq

Author:saber07 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
saber +41 beat drogba9 -41

Map:Urban Rush
Game Length:4 minutes

Ugh. Allies least favorite map. I had the left side, which I like better cuz of the refinery placement. I made four dogs and started queing mass gi's. One of his dogs got my first 2, but my next dog finally secured part of the middle. This meant I had a chance. I garrisoned 3 buildings and destroyed 2 of his, this giving me an even better chance. I did not get a chance to scout his base, but I was fine with that. After my war factory, I went one miner and tanks, while also building another refinery. After I built another ore refinery, i built an AFC to get a rockie to scout and get my paradrop. Meanwhile, he had moved his tanks north of my base, I moved my tanks up to protect my mcv and built a pill. He squeezed a terror drone in, but retreated his tanks. I moved my tanks to the middle in between my buildings. Then the deciding point came. My paradrop was ready. I placed it north of his base in the trees. He had been moving his tanks to the north ore field and was not paying attention. I took out his war factory and he sold his refinery. He had also sold his mcv previously. All he had left was a power plant, barracks and radar. He decided to try and move to my base to take me out. I had a tank or two more than him, but didnt want to risk it. I went for the base trade and easily took him out. I said gg, followed by his response of "noob", and the game was over.

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