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» Battle Reports » iWin Iraq Vs. beast Iraq

Author:Ben (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
iWin +24 beat beast -24

Map:Hammer & Sickle
Game Length:8 minutes

This was one of nine games with this player. Best of 9. I won 6-3 - quite convincingly.

Anyway, Hammer & Sickle, me starting TL him BR. We had played this map earlier and i slapped him from BL verse his SUPERIOR TR but i know i won by luck and after he got BR a great spot i got quite annoyed.

I deployed and placed my power then in a hot rage cursing about unfair maps packed my mcv up and headed to the TR gems (near his base) i deployed near his bridge quickly constructing 3 sentrys across the entrance. I scouted his base just intime to see an engi jump in a flak and it head off around the long way to my base i made a drone and disposed of it as it closed in on my War Factory. I was well behind in tanks and had to sit behind my sentrys, he smartly made V3's and began picking off sentrys then once i had one left he progrssed across the bridge with a mixture of rhinos and connys, oh and of course the desos. He got half way then - gosh - his two desos deployed on himself killing all his connys and damaging his tanks at this point i was laughing. He cussed at his accidental mistake. He again attacked with more connys this time getting smashed by 3 sentrys and a very good turtle.

Very enjoyable games, i now know that i hate Cold War losing to him twice and that top of paris is unfair, otherwise 9-0 ftw!

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