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» Battle Reports » saber Iraq Vs. f1reburn America

Author:saber07 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Custom Match
saber +32 beat f1reburn -32

Map:Pinch Point
Game Length:12 minutes

This was the game between me and paul for the tourney. I will say a few things before the actual report. We have had trouble connecting to each other before and this time was no exception, when we did get it to connect it wasnt full speed, which is detrimental for allies. Furthermore, this was not Paul's best map.

Ok, now for the report. I had gotten right (another plus for me) while Paul had the left, the worse of the two positions. We both scouted each others bases well, he almost got my dog with a pillbox, but it survived. After I got my war factory up, I went for a terror drone and one miner. Paul went one miner and tanks (I believe?). I somehow snuck my terror drone past a pillbox and got his tank. After Paul had amassed a few tanks, he moved them to the middle. I had an even amount of rhinos and moved them as well. Paul retreated his for now. I built a few more tanks and decided to try and sneak an engy flak. Paul quickly sniffed it out and destroyed it. I noticed he had built a few rockies and harriers so I tried to get a few flak tracks. After I had about 8 or so tanks and about 2 flaks and some dogs, I moved my mcv to the lower cliff. Paul sent his four harriers to take out my 2 flaks and then sent his tanks and rockies at me. I held off most of the tanks, but had to grab 2 flaks from my base and send them to my expansion, as well as build a flak cannon. I never really had a chance to place my refinery really, as I was busy trying to fend him off. While he had his tanks at my expansion, I split about 4 of mine off to take out his MCV. With a little manuevering, I barely got it. This meant that Paul couldnt expand.

Meanwhile, I had been building tanks at my main and forgot about them. I had about 15-20. I had given up on my expansion and let paul have it. I sent all my tanks and my miners to Pauls base where he had minimal defenses at this point. He tried to build some air units, but I had too much ground force and took out the rest of his buildings.

Had the connection been faster, it probably would have been a different story. I know what its like trying to do distraction/hit-and-run tactics with a somewhat laggy game, not fun and hard to win. I would say all these unfortunate circumstances versus an average player like myself led to Paul's loss.

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