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» Battle Reports » tuasperdu Iraq Vs. melliw88 Iraq

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
tuasperdu +28 beat melliw88 -28

Map:The Alamo
Game Length:30 minutes

Ah... a new month, a couple wins getting a high rank, the bottom of the ladder presenting a challenge. After a couple games on my american nick, one of which I was much better than my iraqi opponents, but lost because of the desolater, I decided to come to my Soviet nick. After a couple wins, one simply being cutting my opponent off from derricks in May Day and another one where my opponent simply left, I now came across a soviet opponent on The Alamo. I unforunatly had the top.

Despite this I still did a double barracks build, although I wasn't sure if that's a good idea from the top, but still got the bottom right derrick and built a sentry near it, while also scouting his base. My opponent however, garrisoned the Alamo and captured the airport. Despite the lack of presence of a sentry gun, I did not want to engi walk it, as the gun would probably come up soon enough.

He sent his paradrops to his base so as to provide fodder. At this point, we were roughly equal in tanks, but he had a better economy due to the gems. I quickly got up to two factories while he did the same. He sent a flak track with a terror drone and engineer in it, but ran straight into my tanks, so his quest to get my conyard failed.

My next move was to send four tanks at the airport defended only by a sentry gun. I came around the back so as to avoid the sentry altogether and succeeded in taking out the airport as he got there, so i lost a couple tanks, but he lost his source of free fodder.

With now three war factories, I was beginning to outtanks him, but still had some fodder to deal with. While his tanks were still in his base, I attacked the alamo, garrisoned with a single conscipt, thus neutalizing his primary control of the nearly empty gem fields. I retreated as he came, but nearly lost a couple tanks because they didn't move at first.

The game now came to a long standoff. A lone desolater attempt failed, a number of terror drone rushes by him got a miner, and a couple tanks, but failed overall. Despite having many more tanks, I was reluctant to attack because of the aforementioned fodder and garrisoned buildings near his base. He was killing me economically, but I came back. I managed to kill a miner as it worked in the northern field, followed by a short near disconnect, then the standoff really started.

I made a couple more runs at miners but he matched my moves. Now I'll just fast foward to the good stuff. His desos in a flak track failed due to my terror drones, mine damaged a lot of tanks and i got a terror drone in two miners, and then tried another deso attempt while he was at his base.

This is really lengthy so I'm just gonna throw the last stuff in a couple sentences. He builds Iron Curtain. I maneuver my tanks southeast of his base. I attack. I win. GG

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