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» Battle Reports » aasovj3w Iraq Vs. showtime America

Author:aly199 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
showtime +16 beat aasovj3w -16

Map:Depth Charge
Game Length:36 minutes

A very good game. My opponent had a respectable attitude as well. I started off in the traditional soviet way, making a transport and loading it up with engis and dogs while having a flak cannon on ready. It turned out he offered no opposition and I took my derricks. However, he placed his war on the opposite side and what followed was a little war for the middle which I won with my superior tanks and the help of a deso. I even managed to get 2 of his derricks. However, my opponent had been busy mass producing dolphins and I quickly lost my navel yard. I made a new one which I protected with the help of a deso and started massing subs. Now being very knownedgeable in navel wars, I engaged my opponents dolphins with only subs and took heavy losses before retreating. I will never try that again :P. Two more major events took place before the game ended. I launched an attack with tranports, which was beaten off by prism towers and gis, and he made several carriers which he continued to harass with. I eventually got beaten into submission, loosing one key building after another. I did, however, learn some key points to help on this map vs allies.

1) place sensors when you are engaging in navel battles. It dramatically increases the range of the sub.
2) use desos strategically
3) After winning the middle, hold off on tanks and mass produce subs. Dolphins seem to only be good in masses.
4) If your opponent has no gaps, don't hesitate to make a dred and protect it with subs and desos.

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