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» Battle Reports » aajokufan (aly) America Vs. gnrobhall America

Author:aly199 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
aajokufan (aly) +14 beat gnrobhall -14

Map:Depth Charge
Game Length:22 minutes

Well I started off this game opting to make an afc early with 4 rockies and 2 planes. I used 1 rocky to scout him, and saw he was bringing a copter to the island. The second the copter deployed, my rockies made short work of his engis and then proceeded to take out his radar with the help of a couple planes. I then made my warfac (i had made 2 refs) and secured the middle and my corner derrick. I made 1 miner out of my war fac and proceeded to mass rockies in the middle before teching up and making a good amount of dolphins. I then made a couple carriers, which coupled with my rockies destroyed his base. However, his patriots continued shooting without power and for this reason I suspected him of cheating. I did find another base afterwards, but this base had only 1 powerplant. After I destroyed that base, he escaped again to another island, making lots of patriots and later ifvs. When it was clear I couldn't loose he gave me another surprise and dced. I see a lot of washes on this players record. Watch out.

I think my build order was overall pretty good.

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