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» Battle Reports » aajokufan (aly) America Vs. vinechase America

Author:aly199 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
aajokufan (aly) +26 beat vinechase -26

Game Length:11 minutes

I sincerely hate this map in allied vs allied and sov vs sov. I started off by making my navel yard after pp, rax, ref. I opted to make a patriot, which would prove very useful as he tried harassing my engis and transport with 4 rocketeers. He even managed to kill the transport after I got only 1 derrick. At this point I made another refinery and then put up my afc, making some rockies of my own and an aegis. I then proceeded to make a new transport which I filled with engis and dogs. I captured a few more derricks with the help of my aegis and then made some destroyers, followed by my war factory. I made an additional miner from my factory, bringing my miner number to 3, a decent economy. After this, I teched and made many dolphins and some mirages and prism. I then put up a weather storm and essentially made short work of my opponent, winning the sea and eventually using my super on his base. After a failed chronosphere attempt, which was put down by some mirages and prism at my base, he quit.

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