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» Battle Reports » aajokufan (aly) America Vs. irteh Iraq

Author:aly199 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
irteh +39 beat aajokufan (aly) -39

Game Length:5 minutes

Well, I won't go into the match details, but right off this guy claimed to be joku, as it probably true. A lot of things went wrong for me. He did a semi rush and I lost my miner on gems which would prove totally fatal. I attempted to tech and make naval, but his three naval yards easily out-produced me. I was outanked and out-navelled. I tried some minor harassing with double paradrops, but no sooner did I try then I saw a dred firing from the harbour. I typed gg and left...

What could I have done better? Well, in the future I don't think I will miner. Perhaps, I also teched too fast. More harassing next time. At least I've seen a very good sov bo, though I'm curious if he minered. I bet he didn't but then how did he afford all those boats? Perhaps another ref b4 the navel pens...

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