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» Battle Reports » aajokufan (aly) America Vs. lem212 America

Author:aly199 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
lem212 +37 beat aajokufan (aly) -37

Map:Lake Blitzen
Game Length:7 minutes

This is why you don't play qm on your first game. I started off this game my scouting and securing the top left derrick. I was top left; he was bottom right. I made a copter and secured 2 derricks on the island. At the same time, I moved my mcv to the gems, only to discover a minute later he had engied it. This didn't stop me, however, I started massing dogs and grizz to rush him. I put 3 dogs and 2 engi in a copter and sent them in at the same time I attacked, engiing his buildings and affectively destroying him. However, he had one last trick; he engid my base with his last copter... I went back and killed him but he continued attacking my last building with his copter. I discovered to my dismay that my own copters (I had 3) could not attack his. So, while my last building, a power plant, was being attacked, I frantically looked for his last building. But to no avail, he landed a paradrop by my base and finished off my power despite my tanks running over his gis. His last building was a pill on the island. I need to watch for these kind of noob tricks in the future.

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