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» Battle Reports » n0sens343 America Vs. israblofs America

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
n0sens343 beat israblofs

Map:Paris Revisited
Game Length:16 minutes

In this game I seized the initiatve, got a winning position, nearly lost, but won in the end.

Having won 16 staight games on this nick prior to this, I was expecting reality to come down pretty hard and pretty fast. My opponent I would later find out had well over 600 points at the time, and was probably ranked near 400. I started in the top right position, and succeeded in securing the two walled in derricks and scouting out his base. He did prety much the same, except different derricks obviously.

Having built a single miner from my war factory, I sent my first few tanks at the derrick out in the open at which he had built his war factory. By the time I got there, he had nearly as many tanks and a couple pillboxes beside, so I pulled back, also in light of a paradrop next to my war factory.

I also went for a fairly early AFC, and my first paradrop forced him to sell his AFC. Seeing him retreat his tanks back to where his factory was, I sent my tanks at his derrick at the eiffel tower, and managed to take it out before he could get his tanks over.

We both retreated, but at that moment I landed a paradrop near his northern refinery. However, the GIs were shooting the miner and thus did not stop the dog from eating them. But at this point I had built a second war factory and believed that I was outtanking him. I maneuvered my tanks to attack his remaining derrick.

Once again, the pillboxes prooved a help to him, as I once again retreated after sustaining losses. He tried attacking the more distant of my derricks with a group of rocketeers, but I got a few IFVs over there in time. By now I had teched up and was pumping out mirage tanks. Sending a few rocketeers combined with a paradrop at his northern refinery as a distraction, I moved my tanks near his derrick.

With longer range, they forced his tanks to run away, while taking out the pillboxes and then the other buildings in the area. A paradrop in my northern most ore field meanwhile did nothing important. He then moved his tanks in an aggrsive manner, but I now had an impressive display of mirages, and easily forced his tanks back. Now here, I thought I was still queing mirages, but apparantly I wasn't. Thinking that I was, I didn't worry about him sending his tanks in a roundabout fashion to my base, but moved in to destroy his.

Realizing this slightly too late, I moved my MCV across the north bridge for good measure. I destoryed his entire main base, but by now had lost half of my own. Panicking, I frantically looked around the map and found the neglected pillbox next to the ruins of his derrick. I quickly killed it for the win.

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