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» Battle Reports » n0sens343 America Vs. zourolzou Libya

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
n0sens343 beat zourolzou

Map:May Day
Game Length:10 minutes

So that other game ends and I go into quickmatch against the same person, on the same map, but different positions. What's even more, this game lasts only five seconds less!

Despite the bottom's disadvantage as pointed out in the other report, I still had the allies natural advantage on this map. I quickly secured the more distant of my eight derricks, getting the other four after my war factory went up. I noticed once again that he failed to capture his far derricks, meaning I would also have an economic advantage. I built my AFC fairly quickly and once again rocketeer scouted. I teched up to mirages quickly and built a nighthawk to capture the four neglected derricks.

As in the last game I went naval, and with five dolphins quickly thrawrted his attempt to do so. With carriers I soon pummeled his derricks, while he moved his tanks to my so recently captured derricks. However, instead of destroying them he tried to capture, but by the time his engis got over there, I had already won the tank battle. I soon moved on his base and with no derricks or tanks, he left quickly.

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