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» Battle Reports » n0sens343 America Vs. helthy1 Korea

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
n0sens343 beat helthy1

Map:Montana DMZ
Game Length:Unknown

I've decided to give the allies a shot at the end of the month, and chose a nickname that didn't make sense. This guy was certainly better than I was expecting second game on a nickname.

I started in the bottom right, which I think is good as it generally gets the airport and has an easy stretch to the gems, both of which I promptly did. My scouting of his base went well, and my dog ate a few infantry before my opponent built a tank.

I built two miners then tanks, as well as two more refinerys, an AFC then a second war factory. Before all that however, my first paradrop from the airport landed next to his refinery and destroyed the tank underneath them, but he snuck in a dog while that was happening.

I now had a significant number of tanks, and he was now going for IFVs as well as tanks. My tanks came across, barely winning, but couldn't keep up with the production of his tanks. I landed my next paradrop just south of the gem patch (which he had not stretched to) and he sent what he had built from his war factory in the intervening time to take it out.

I now took the oppotunity to take out his miners with my tanks. On top of that, my GIs took out a good part of his tank/IFV division, leaving me with a pretty easy win after that.

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