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» Battle Reports » impasse Iraq Vs. robofcncs Iraq

Author:Chris (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
impasse beat robofcncs

Map:Pinch Point
Game Length:Unknown

Following up on the battle report Corsair vs Robofcncs, it was now jack's turn to enjoy smashing rob in the land of the non-laggers.

Jack started out on the commonly called superior right and rob on the left. Both established their base quickly, preparing to head off to the middle in a few minutes. Unlike rob, jack built a drone and succesfully killed all of rob's scout dogs and even took a rhino tank.

As rob was behind on jack, he did not pose much of a threat so jacko safely repacked his mcv and redeployed it in bottom middle, placing a refinery on top shortly after.

Using his advantage, jack takes his substantial pack of rhinos to the ore field where robs miners were quietly digging. He manages to pick one off, leaving rob with 4 miners. Catching up on tanks accompanied with some sentries and fodder, rob scares off jack.

While this little skirmish took place, rob tried to perform his well known engi walk, which failed to both jack's and my amusement. See the attached screenshots.

Fending off jack's attack rob thought himself safe for a few minutes. That proved untrue as jack didn't really pull back his tanks, he just charged rob from a different direction. He had rejoined his freshly produced tanks in the middle and then drove off the cliff, targetting robs base from below.

He shoots at Rob's yard, forcing him to sell it. Together with some drones and the fodder from the sold yard rob sees jack retreating once more.

Rob's ore field was now exhausted, making his miners look for an ore field in proximity. In this case the left field up the top cliff. Realizing that he pretty much lost already he makes the best of his handy miner diversion and takes his entire force to take out jack's establisment in the bottom middle.

However, jack notices this and rapidly sends his tanks back to the bottom middle destroying robs entire force with ease, as he had twice the amount of rob.

With his force crushed and no penny left rob resigns.
1jack_moves.jpg (247kb, 276 downloads)
2rob_loses_a_miner.jpg (243kb, 282 downloads)
3rob_engi_walks.jpg (261kb, 280 downloads)
4nearly_there.jpg (254kb, 290 downloads)
5it_failed.jpg (972kb, 279 downloads)
6jack_kills_yard.jpg (234kb, 265 downloads)
7rob_gets_smashed.jpg (266kb, 289 downloads)
8and_resigns.jpg (239kb, 256 downloads)

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