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» Battle Reports » AaJoKuFaN (aly) America Vs. Corsair Iraq

Author:aly199 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
AaJoKuFaN (aly) +46 beat Corsair -46

Game Length:5 minutes

Woot, my first battle report. Well, I started this game off by realizing I was in the bottom right corner of DMZ, which was good considering I've heard this map traditionally favors ra2 allies. I started off by making 3 dogs, sending 1 to the airport, and scouting with the other 2. After a near loss of my airport, I secured it, but only after discovering I had accidentally produced 2 engis. Noticing this I brought the engi back and made a pill to protect it from a dog in the area. This engi would play a crucial role. My opponent, noticing I went 1 miner decided to try and rush me. I used this opportunity to sneak the engi ifv around the side of the map and into his war. His tanks at my base were rather easily put off by a pill and he retreated. Realizing he had no war and I now outanked from 3 war facs to his 1, I attacked killing his miners on the gems, and ending the game. I'd like to say it was skill, but I bet that engi helped :P

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