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» Battle Reports » prdezvous Iraq Vs. Chaotixs America

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
prdezvous beat Chaotixs

Map:Country Swing
Game Length:Unknown

This also was technically a 2v2, but unfortunately for Chaotixs, his ally really wasn't that good, making it virtually a 2v1.

I started out on bottom right and was successful in scouting out the bases of both opponents. I went for two miners from war factory, and another war factory after my second refinery. I built towards the middle quickly, but so did Chaotixs. Leading up to this we were roughly equal in tanks, but soon with three war factorys I was getting more tanks, but didn't dare attack because of the numerous GIs he had been getting from paradrops.

With that in mind I built a desolater, hoping to get rid of the GIs, but he now built a pillbox which I didn't dare get close to, backed up by a couple of prism tanks. I quickly maneuvered my tanks foward to kill the pillbox, though sustaining losses in the process. But now when I moved foward with the desolater, the two prism tanks were able to stop it before it could deploy.

Chaotixs soon moved to the offensive as my ally moved his tanks around to attack Chaotixs's ally's base.He moved foward his tanks and infantry, while his prism tanks forced me to sell my war factory from behind a secure wall. I tried to combat this, but pulled back quickly, and in the ensuing chaos a few of his tanks charged foward and I deployed a desolater taking out some gis and damaging a few tanks.

My ally decided to attack Chaotixs's base from behind, and also offered some help against the tanks. My tanks moved in and took out what was left.

GG, albeit 2 on 1.

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