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» Battle Reports » prdezvous GDI Vs. nodagain Nod

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Type:Quick Match
Mode:C&C Mode
prdezvous beat nodagain

Game Length:Unknown

For those of you in doubt about the map, quick overview. Three buildings, barrack/hand, warfac/airstrip, and refinery for each team. A tunnel complex runs underground linking the two bases. A hill in between prevents base to base.

I went for an engineer and, escorted by a couple GDI soldiers. I got into the Hand and laid my remote charges down, but didn't get farther than that. With the money from the points I did get, I got an APC and drove to the enemy base. I got a couple kills, but they had a number of laser chain gun soldiers, who destroyed my APC and I ran away.

My next move was to go for a sniper. I got as far as the hill, but was met by a stealth tank, and was forced to retreat into the tunnel, where a nod sniper was running. Wonderful. With only 66 health, I was dodging around corners and managed to get a lucky head shot off. Relieved, I ran back. By now a full scale GDI assault was underway in the nod base. The refinery was soon a piece of history. I got another APC to join the fight quickly.

When I said full-scale, I meant it. Pretty much everyone was there, unforunatly resulting in the nuking of our refinery. And our barracks. Thats embarissing. Anyway, I did take part in preventing nod from disarming a beacon at the head of the airstrip by situating my APC directly over it. It soon got blown up and I ran straight into a technition throwing c4.

Tired of playing around, I got a medium tank and began pelting the Hand of Nod. Two beacons were placed right next to it, but neither went off, as the Hand got blown up pretty quickly.

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