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» Battle Reports » tuasperdu Iraq Vs. Alienware Iraq

Author:bigguy563 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
tuasperdu beat Alienware

Map:Country Swing
Game Length:Unknown

I've been playing a lot of ffgs over the past few nights, including some pretty funny ones, such as stretching all the way from the bottom left to the topright start positions on sp, or barracks stretching from a derrick and capturing most of a base on GSF, but this game probably had the best players I came across on my ffg stint.

Note, this was actually a 2v2 match, I was with SaVaGeTnK and alien was with polvarice, in case anyone cares. I didn't want to write both names in the name box, but the sides doesn't matter, as everyone was Iraq.

My team was on the bottom, me on the right. Two of my initial scouts failed, but the third managed to scout out alienware's base on the top right and my ally scouted out the other base. I went for a power plant and war factory after my second refinery to stretch closer to the middle and went for two miners then tanks.
After another refinery giving me five miners, I built a third warfac, at the middle, by now my ally had done the same

However, Alien had also stretched to the middle and was building tesla coils and sentry guns. Just about even in tanks, I couldn't really attack very well, so I tried to go to the northeast bridge, but he picked up on it and I was thrawrted. By now i was forced to sell a warfac as he was using his teslas in the middle.

Gradually however, as he spent more on tesla coils and the like, I outtanked him, and decided to attack him as my ally built a kirov close to the middle. The combined assaults prooved too much, quickly leading to Alien's demise. Meanwhile, my ally was fighting a winning battle on the southwestern flank. The game after that was short.

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