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» Battle Reports » robofcncs Iraq Vs. chaotixs America

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
robofcncs beat chaotixs

Map:Pinch Point
Game Length:38 minutes

I had an enjoyable series of friendlies with Pat last night, with the end result being 2-2. However, the most interesting match (if you exclude the one where I did a triple-flak engy rush) was our final one, on Pinch Point. Unlike most games on this map, we both managed to pretty much run out of money - exhausting the resources on the map.

Scouting went well for both of us, managing to uncover a good portion of the map. I went for one miner straight out of my war factory, then tanks. I believe Pat did something similar, although his AFC was up quite early. Given that I was on the right, I thought I would try and make early inroads into Pat's forces.

After 4 tanks were ready, I headed towards his base - pushing his forces back towards it. He had a similar number of tanks, but I was probably just about ahead. While this was going on, I sent my MCV to the top-middle. The battle occured in Pats base, with him coming out on top thanks to great numbers and fodder (handy, those paradrops).

I had one or two tanks qued at the pinch point, but things looked grim. My MCV was deployed, so I quickly built sentry guns and a barracks - popping out some tesla troopers. This managed to hold off Pats initial retaliation, allowing me to place my refinery up the cliff onto the gem patch, bringing in some much needed extra funds.

I quickly expanded my base on this top cliff, bringing extra tanks to help re-enforce the entrance. I went for a second war factory, radar, lab and nuclear reactor. I then decided to try and surprise him with a kirov - it managed to get as the entrance to the bottom-middle (where he had now established a nice base), before being killed off by rocketeers.

Pat's use of Allies allowed him to attack my original base quite easily with a good tank split - I simply sold all the buildings, not believing they would actually make much difference at this stage. I brought my miners up to the top and started mining the various ore patches.

Things got a bit dull at this point, I was kicking back a few paradrop attempts and we were both quite content to sit in our base. I decided to be somewhat inventive - attacking through defense. I stretched a series of barracks down the middle, placing numerous flak cannons and desolators in between. For good measure, I also included some sentry guns and war miners (there was no longer enough ore to warrant mining with all of them).

After pushing all of Pat's forces back, killing quite a few infantry units here and there, some well used prism tanks quickly put paid to my defences. However, I had another Kirov - which managed to kill a power plant, force Pat to sell his lab and move his MCV. My stretch had also seen off his barracks with a sentry gun placed on top of the cliff.

I sent an engineer in a flak trak around the one desolator I had left at this point, forcing Pat to sell his refinery on top of the cliff (not that he needed it). He eventually managed to kill the flak after a hectic chase.

At this point, things were fairly even. I had a number of rhinos, whilst Pat had masses of GIs, a few prism tanks and a good collection of grizzlies. He chose to attack. I had constructed an iron curtain earlier, and had patiently being waiting to use it.

With 4 or 5 tanks curtained, I drove back down my entrance, squashing most of his GIs, before finishing off all his tanks with 5 or 6 of my own remaining. At this point, Pat resigned.

An interesting and lengthy game.
rob_pat_standoff1.jpg (316kb, 255 downloads)
rob_pat_standoff2.jpg (315kb, 276 downloads)

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