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» Battle Reports » ferva924 Iraq Vs. toOo5wift America

Author:Chris (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
toOo5wift +35 beat ferva924 -35

Game Length:11 minutes

This was different Happy

As I had difficulties getting a game with players 850p and up I decided to go on a nickname with a lower amount of points. I matched up with toOo5wift who eventually turned out to end up as rank 17 with just over 1000 points.

I'll have to say I wasn't paying much attention otherwise this game would have ended earlier. Anyway, the game went as following. I started out on the top left, him at bottom right. I managed to take my derrick and deny him his by eating his engineer. This gave me an economic advantage for a while, which stupid as I was, didn't put to good use. I decided to go for a quick attack and take his base early on. With 5 or so tanks I took out some buildings, including a War Factory but was held off by a mix of GI's, pillboxes and some rocketeers.

At this moment I should have built 2 extra War Facs, totalling 3. With them I would have outproduced him in minutes and combined with some fodder I would completely overthrow him. But I forgot. I was focussing way too much on avoiding pillboxes and running over GI's with my tanks. All these offensive tactics basically forced him to camp, it didn't take too long before it was rather useless for me to attack, as his various paradrops and countless pillboxes were just too much fodder to handle.

With constant attacking and attempts at pushing through I had not been watching my economy very well, as at a point I had over $7000. I built my extra War Facs too late: I placed them when my miners had eaten all the ore on the patches adjacent to my base. I eventually moved my MCV to the bottom right and set up a refinery there.

I decided that it was all or nothing and made a last attempt of breaking through with about 15 rhinos vs his even number of grizzlies and tons of fodder. As you probably predicted, it failed. At this point my money counter had also hit 0 so I was exhausted credit-wise. He, however, had a booming economy and took his tanks to pick off miners and moved on to my base after.

In short, I lost to a player with roughly the same skill because of a stupid mistake. He held in there pretty well though, so GG to him.
game_replay_16736389_tooo5wift_ferva924.xif (396kb, 351 downloads)

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